Alike the whole world BIT Sindri students feel concerned about increasing Green House Effect, Global Warming, Climatic Change, our endangered sensitive and fragile ecosystem. BIT Sindri student and teacher community took a small initiative to preserve our forest and environment. Eco Club is simply the manifestation of our this noble attempt.

Eco Club can be treated as a task force for the mission "Green BIT". Eco Club run plantation program in BIT throughout the year except peak summer season and preserve them.

It not only does regular plantation at BIT Sindri, but also work for increasing awareness about role of forests in our environment among people. For the increasing awareness about our environment, it conducts Green Marathon, Kite shows, etc. It displays various slogans about environment, trees and forests on green boards at trees at road sides.

Patron: Dr. D.K. Singh, Director, BIT, Sindri

Professor-in-Charge: Prof. Kunal Kumar


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