B.I.T. Sindri has its own Institute Magazine brought out by its students under the title Sarjana. Borrowing its name from the magazine, the editorial board Sarjana is also the official Student-Media Body of the Institute and strives to report the various happenings in and around the Campus which concern the welfare of the students and acts as an unbiased forum for voicing out concerns related to the betterment of the Institute. “Sarjana” is an annual bilingual magazine covering equally, the articles in English and Hindi. It gives an insight about Student Affairs, clubs and societies, events and also includes, technical as well as literary articles, thus distinctly playing the role of “Mirror and Voice of the Campus”. Articles and write-ups published in Sarjana are actively contributed by the students, respected faculty members, non-teaching staffs and alumni of the Institute. The magazine aptly provides every individual in the campus the opportunity to manifest his/her creativity and literary skills. Every edition of Sarjana contains interviews of renowned personalities interviewed by its members. Not forgetting our deep roots with the Indian Culture, Sarjana also aims at promoting our Rajbhasha, Hindi on and off campus, celebrates “Hindi Diwas” and “Hindi Pakhwada” every year. It organizes some of the very popular events like Kavi Sammelan, Prawah, Kalyapan, Vad-Vivad, Essay Competitions, Cartoon Competitions etc.

Sarjana proudly heralds a glorious Alumni base, known as the Sarjana Vitaan which acts as the guardian body for effective direction and the smooth functioning of Sarjana. The on-campus Sarjanites and the members of Sarjana Vitaan meet annually in their alumni confluence known as Visamwad, where the members of Sarjana interact and learn a lot from their alumni. Also, a literary collection of articles called Smarika is launched annually, which is exclusively meant for the current Sarjanites and Vitaan members. Sarjana keeps the campus aware about the happenings through its Social Media handles and its own website ( administered by its members.

As of 2018, the prominent office bearers of Sarjana for the Academic Year-2018-19 are as follows:
Patron – Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Singh, Director, B.I.T. Sindri
Professor-in-Charge – Dr. Vijay Pandey (Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Assistant Professor-in-Charge – Dr. Arvind Singh (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical
Editor-in-Chief – Abhinav Prateek. (B. Tech 3 rd Year Department of Chemical Engineering)


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